Boudica queen of the iceni

By Abby Hook

Boudica queen of the iceni

I have been involved in an exciting new project with the Director/Curator of Tutbury Castle - Lesley Smith, to help design and make some pieces for a costume for Boudica. Here is what Lesley says:
“Boudica is part of the English soul, this armour Goddess warrior who tore across ancient Britain with over 100,000 barbarians at her side and gave the Romans one of the biggest fights in the history of the Roman Empire. Although there are no contemporary depictions of Boudica there are references written by Romans about this extraordinary creature. The challenge for a historian like me, who plays the part of this woman is accuracy. Much research and the kind support of the British Museum helped produce an image of the Iceni Queen. Abby whom helped enormously with her considerable creative talent and ability to listen! The outcome shown on the costume of two gold discs,  brilliantly crafted and worn by me with pride in her work.”
Lesley Smith
Director/Curator Tutbury Castle
It has been a real pleasure for me to work with Lesley as it made me look at the design process from a new direction. To be involved in a project about one of our most iconic and inspirational women in British history, no matter how small a part I played, has been fantastic.

This is an image of Lesley in character.


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