Ananda - Bliss - Neck Torc - Bronze, Green Aventurine and Amethyst, Celtic Torq or Torque

By Abby Hook

Ananda - Bliss - Neck Torc - Bronze, Green Aventurine and Amethyst, Celtic Torq or Torque

Ananda - Bliss - The condition of utter joy! This Torc, made in one of my favorite colours - purple, with one of my favorite metals to work with - Bronze, was pure pleasure for me to work on, so this seemed the only fitting name!

Torcs, also called Torq or Torque, were worn in ancient Briton and Europe, some 2000 years ago, particularly by the Gauls and Vikings. They were generally a single piece or strands of metal, twisted together, to form a large, rigid ring.

This bold statement neck piece has a beautiful large Agogo donut of green Aventurine, which I have framed with bronze wire and wrapped the top with woven bronze wire. Above the stone is faceted lilac Amethyst rondelles and rounds and green Aventurine rounds. which I have secured in place with thin bronze wire.

The flowing lines of the central wire detail is made using a variety of gauges, some of which I have hammered, to add contrast. The neck torc is made with very thick bronze wire, which I have hand forged, hammering the ends, creating a tapered widening on these sections.

The Torc has an inner circumference of 17 1/2”, it can be opened, to make it larger. The central detail measures 2 3/4” tall, from the bottom of the donut stone, to the top of the wire above the Amethyst bead. It is 3 2/3” wide from the outer edges of the hammered swirls.

I have oxidised this piece and then hand polished it to reveal the detail, giving this neck piece an antique effect.

This item comes in a box.

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Bronze wire with Green Aventurine and Lilac Amethyst
9 Months ago

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