A Bit of Blue

Using mainly blues, with a few bits of metallic silver here and there, this painting took quite a long time to complete, since each shape needed to be painted and left to dry before painting the next one in order to avoid messy runs with the colours. I wanted it to be a representation of living “inside the box” so to speak - everything is clearly ordered and has a definite place. In real life, when we think “outside the box”, our minds are free to be creative, less ordered perhaps. The individual blocks of blue are overlapping each other, resulting in varying degrees of hue across the whole painting.If you would like a variation of this painting done in a different colour and/or size, please email me to enquire.

14 x 10 inches

Date of Completion: March 26th 2005


  • abstract
  • blue
  • squares
  • geometric

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25 x 35 cm
Acrylic on box canvas
11 Years ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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