Exhibere Papillas Vestra Pro Pueri

By Arty Aitch

Exhibere Papillas Vestra Pro Pueri

A realistic painting of a woman baring her breasts, which prompted me to utilise the latin translation of a cheeky comment one might hear in any town on a Saturday night - “Get your t**s out for the lads!”. I think it sounds better in Latin. I used acrylic paint to create layers of flesh tones on the body, with highlights in metallic acrylic paints to create a shimmering effect under certain lighting conditions. The towelling robe she is wearing was given more texture by using wood-chip wallpaper, glued on using PVA adhesive and tearing pieces of the wallpaper to create the whole area. Seductive and silly at the same time, this painting should appeal to young and old alike! As it is painted on a box canvas, the paint continues round the edges so there is no need for extra framing. This would make a good present for Christmas, a birthday gift or an extra special gift for any occasion!

Completion date:13th November 2005


  • nude
  • female
  • breasts
  • skin
  • naked
  • flesh
  • bare

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61 x 46 cm
Mixed Media on Canvas
11 Years ago

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