The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is a painting based on the mathematical number Phi, 1.618, which is found in nature and in many famous pieces of art. I have divided each area of work within the painting so that the segments are increasing by 1.618 each time, until I ran out of space. The painting itself is abstract in design and was created using high quality acrylic paints. There are several areas of textured paint and metallic relief. Colours used include lamp black, emerald green, bronze, titanium white, burnt umber, metallic silver, sap green.It comes unframed on an acrylic board, although framing can be arranged at extra cost if you prefer. I will varnish it with either matt or gloss acrylic varnish and it comes with a certificate of authenticity. This painting took many hours to create as each area is quite detailed in its construction. I think the end result produces an image that you can look at differently each time you view it.

Completion date:21st October 2006


  • abstract
  • texture
  • pattern
  • shapes

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41 x 30 cm
Acrylic on canvas board
11 Years ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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