The Gene Machine

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

I am exploring the work of genetic engineering, looking for ways to capture these ideas in physical form? Th Gene Machine, is a Surrealist painting which, brings to the fore the ethical and moral aspects of these ideas. I am asking whether it is ethical to create designer babies with enhanced physical ability and appearance. Will biodiversity in the human race plummet. Adolf Hitler was on a quest to create a race of Aryan blond, blue eyed and tall people. Creating designer babies is believed to have the same effect on the world.

The arrival of designer babies will affect biodiversity. Moreover traits decided by parents eliminates the say of the child in his or her life. Parents passionate about sports would have the athletic ability engineered into the child, however, the child may not want the same. This reduces the child’s freedom to choose and be an individual.


  • yellow
  • colour
  • blue
  • eye
  • green
  • brown
  • surrealism
  • conceptual
  • genetic
  • engineering
  • biodiversity

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Oil on canvas paper
2 Years ago

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