The Christmas Party

This is a group portrait of three of my favourite relatives (l/r cousin Mark, brother David and cousin Patricia), our late and much loved cat Puss and myself.  I have been told ‘you might have looked a bit happier - and so might the cat!’ but I suppose it was rather late in the afternoon and Xmas strikes me as a festival of excess (food, drink, cracker pulling etc) the effects of which (as opposed to my beloved company!) are shown on my countenance in this work. In the Cause of Art I added Puss with an expression calculated to resemble my own.


  • christmas
  • party
  • colouristpainting
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  • irishpainters
  • interior
  • group
  • portrait
76 x 61 cm
oil on canvas
11 Months ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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