Growing up in Australia instilled a very stereotyped view on how a man should be, act, and think, and this was often at odds with how I actually felt inside. But then India beckoned, and my world was turned inside out ! All the things I had taken to be facts of being were suddenly presented in a very different way, and there I was surrounded by a very different type of man, who wasn’t afraid to embrace the beauty within their soul. The spiritual and the physical appeared more connected, merged, evident in everyday life and being, and the rich Hindu masculine merged feminine iconography that was everywhere, turned on my inner creative light and compelled me to paint that which I always knew to be true. That we are spirits having a human experience, that we are each a part of the Cosmic nature of the Universe, irrespective of physical gender, and that we too, as men, can embrace this viewpoint and let show our own divine beauty within.

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4 Years ago

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