Abstraction in Monotone Fells and Water

By Wendy Hyde

Abstraction in Monotone Fells and Water

Inspired by a trip to the Peak District. The dark fells and hills and the beautiful white water. Worked in mixed media, scratching in with palette knifes, and bold brush strokes ’ a kind of personal record of feelings and sensations’. Painted in the spirit of Abstract Expressionism with the fluidity of the paint and the strength of the mark.


  • paper
  • abstract
  • oil
  • original
  • turquoise
  • pink
  • room
  • skyscape
  • expressive
  • living

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Mixed media on canvas
4 Years ago

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For the Influence of Mendelssohn (violin concerto)2
Wendy Hyde

I am based in the West Midlands area, and my work is Abstract Expressionist


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Solihull United Kingdom
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