Take Me To Lark Field

This is a recreation of part of a 1734 map of field names in Stoke Newington and Woodberry Down. North is to the left, East at the top – so the left hand side of the canvas is Woodberry Down, the right hand side Stoke Newington. The blue line is the New River curving through the countryside. The red line across the middle is Lordship Lane.

I got the map from a quite brilliant educational website called Local Local History (http://www.locallocalhistory.co.uk). It’s all about Stoke Newington History. I’ve admired it for many years and have probably nicked loads of my pub-bore conversational nuggets from its pages. Well done to whoever put it together. Jack Whitehead?

(The little yellow-orange triangle in the top left is Lark Field. Other fields include Lower Long Wood, Crooked Lane Field, Straight Lane Field, Old Cut Meadow, Primrose Meadow, Cowslip Meadow, West Tile Pits and Milk Field)

2013 © Tim Bradford

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Acrylic - June 2013
5 Years ago

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