Hair Barrette or Shawl pin Materials and tutorial Kit

By Abby Hook

Hair Barrette or Shawl pin Materials and tutorial Kit

This kit includes the tutorial which will be emailed to you and the materials for one of each of the barrettes (2 designs). This kit includes a choice of copper or silver plated wire (please send me a message to let me know your preference).

Level: Beginner
Page count: 21
Steps: 26

This lesson teaches you how to make 2 styles of hair barrettes or shawl pins, using only 2 types of wire to make an attractive accessory. One a double spiral and the second uses a looped pattern. It also includes detailed instructions for hammering the wire, which is used for 3 reasons:
1. To flatten and harden the wire
2. To shape and form the pin and barrette
3. To add a textured finish

The tutorial is broken down into 3 sections, the first looks at shaping the 2 different barrettes and their pins. The second details the hammering process and the third explains the binding and wrapping, securing your barrette together.

The double spiral barrette measures 3” across and 2 ¼” tall, the pin is 4 ½” long. The loop barrette is 2 2/3” long and 2 2/3” tall and the pin is 4 ¼” long.

These designs use only 2 gauge of wire, this minimal requirement for materials, makes them a very costs effective design to make.

This is a great project for getting used to heavier gauges of wire.

As with any written instruction, please read through at least once before starting.

The materials listed below are for both barrettes and are included in the Kit.

Please note the kit does not include tools.

• 53” 12 gauge soft round wire
• 56” 24 gauge soft round wire

• Chain nose pliers
• Round nose pliers
• Wire cutters
• Flat nose pliers
• Chasing hammer
• Anvil
• File
• Sanding pads (3 grits)
• Nylon jaw pliers
• Tape measure
• Ring mandrel (optional)

Once ordered and paid for, the tutorial will be emailed in pdf form to the address in your payment (unless you send me a message stating an alternative address) within 24 hour (normally much sooner) and the materials will be despatched Royal Mail first class on the following working day.


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