Ben's 50th

Birthday gift caricature.
‘FULL FIGURE’ Caricature with Props / Poses / Backgrounds etc.
An extremely popular option due to the amount of details and ‘personal touches’ I can add into the artwork making it more unique and special to the individual(s) who will receive it. I can depict someone in ‘cartoon form’ in full figure pose - at work, rest or play….Eg. Someone doing their favourite hobby or ‘pastime pose’, and I can also include additional illustrative references such as: their age or celebratory occasion, specific clothing / uniform / dress, sports / team colours, their favourite tipple, car, pets, special belongings…etc in the background. By including some ‘personal visual references’ this creates a truly special and unique caricature gift that is specifically tailored for who you’d like to receive it. Find out more on the ‘Gift Info’ page of this website.


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6 Years ago

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Edd's Heads: Ricky Tomlinson as Jim Royle
Edd Travers

Caricaturist, cartoonist, illustrator. Stylish caricatures and cartoons for any special occasion or event.


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Glasgow United Kingdom
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