Viking Knit Chain Tutorial

By Abby Hook

Viking Knit Chain Tutorial

Level: Intermediate
Page count: 22
Number of Steps: 24

This chain was actually used by the Vikings thousands of years ago (8th to 10th century) as currency, where they cut the chain to the desired length. Nowadays it is enjoyed as a very attractive, strong and flexible chain.

This tutorial not only shows you how I form the chain, it also includes comprehensive instructions on how to attach a new wire, so that it is not only securely held in place, but the join is almost invisible. It also shows you how to finish the chain, securing the end in place. How to form a wire cone to use as a very attractive end cap as well as forming a hook clasp, figure of 8 tapered link and a wrapped link. I have also included a detailed sizing chart, to help you calculate not only the length of wire you require for different sized chains but also the starting and finishing lengths of chain prior and after pulling through the draw plate.

The materials list below is based on the 18” chain shown in the tutorial, the required length of 24 gauge wire will vary depending on the length and style of Viking knit you make.


• Up to 260” 24 gauge soft round wire
• 10” 20 gauge soft round wire
• 20” 18 gauge soft round wire
• 4” 16 gauge soft round wire
• 2 x 3mm round metal beads (with at least a 0.8mm hole)


• Chain nose pliers
• Round nose pliers
• Wire cutters
• Flat nose pliers
• Nylon jaw pliers
• Viking knit draw plate
• 9mm mandrel (or mandrel of your choice)
• Tape measure
• Needle or pin
• Masking tape


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