Spiral Bezel Pendant Tutorial

By Abby Hook

Spiral Bezel Pendant Tutorial

Level: Advanced
Page Count: 21
Steps: 44


Learn to create this pretty bezel setting. By using whipstitch to secure the structure wires and spirals in place you create an interesting pattern both on the front and back of this reversible design. Using spiral shapes around the sides, allows you to see parts of the stone, adding interest to the design. For this tutorial I have used a circular cab, you could use any shape you like as long as the sides are of a fairly even thickness.

This tutorial is based on a round cab, although once you have mastered the design it is possible to set uneven shapes or even pointed back faceted stones. Whilst learning the technique though I recommend using flat evenly shaped cabs.

The materials list is based on the cab size stated but I have included details for calculating the wire required for different sized stones.

The second picture in the sequence shows the back of the pendant.

Material List:

19” 18 gauge half hard round wire
7.5” 20 gauge half hard round wire
120” 28 gauge soft or half hard round wire
1 circular flat cab 20mm across and up to 5mm thick
3 closed jump rings

Tool List:

Long nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters
Flat nose pliers
Nylon jaw pliers
Ring mandrel
Pin or needle
Tape measure


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