The Fabulous Corvenieos Circus Arrives In Doolin

By tim bradford

The Fabulous Corvenieos Circus Arrives In Doolin

The Corvenieos lay claim to be the oldest travelling circus in Ireland. On their van is written the legend “Since the 1500s”. This husband and wife team with two sons turned up in Doolin one Friday for a night at the community centre. One of them is known simply as The Prince of Balance and he spends a lot of time perched atop a load of chairs. There’s lots of juggling and contortionist antics - the younger brother runs around grinning and cups his hands to his ears, suggesting that the small audience just wasn’t making enough noise.
I quite liked the downbeat looking clown, played without makeup by the dad. The kids loved the candy floss best. The picture shows the dad performing a not very high wire act and trying not to bang his head on the ceiling of the community centre.


  • life
  • ireland
  • rural
  • doolin
  • circus

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40 x 30 cm
acrylic on canvas
11 Years ago

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