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The Grey Golem is a Print-on-Demand book written and drawn by me and available from It tells the story in 21 ink drawings of a creature that rises from beneath a boulder on top of desolate mountain and sets out on a journey, eventually gaining the awareness of one of life’s greatest mysteries - the knowledge of his true self.

The book was an experiment to be more focussed and creative whilst doodling. Instead of doodling endless faces, figures and shapes, to no particular end, I wanted to produce ‘finished’ doodles that resulted in pen illustrations.

I wanted to keep to the spirit of a doodle in that no pencilling was ever done except from where I used an occasional speech balloon. Each drawing was completed straight down in ink with a Mitsubishi Uni-ball Eye pen on A4 paper.


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21 x 30 cm
8 Years ago

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