Beit-El (How holy is this place)

By jess wood

Beit-El (How holy is this place)

Beit-El - How Holy is this Place
Jacob in Genesis sleeps in a mysterious place and meets an angel or is it a man and dreams of a staircase from heaven to earth. My friend P., a half Moroccan,half French Jew, arrived in Israel one night after her mother, in trouble with the law, fled from a European country. Her grandmother was a survivor of Auschwitz. She met G., whose family has lived in Israel for several generations. G.‘s great grandparents gave up their beautiful home in Hebron that had been in their family for generations and re-settled in West Jerusalem in 1948. They made this sacrifice because they wanted to be helpful both to the new state of Israel and to the Palestinian people for whom Hebron was to become predominantly Arab. The two women in the picture are P. and G..

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    97 x 132 cm
    oil on canvas
    9 Years ago

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