Ivona Torovin

www.ivona-painting.co.uk Iwona Torowin Fine Artist - Contemporary Art Professional. Master's Degree 1996. Between 1994 and 2007 studied and exhibited in Poland and Lithuania. Currently resides and works in Manchester, UK.

Ivona Torovin

Based in Manchester, United Kingdom. member for 9 Years

My art is mostly figurative. As you will soon notice, I love to paint women and cats. However, you will find some landscapes and abstract works here.
I have always been a passionate drawer and as a student had spent hours of doodling, life drawing, sketching and putting all that into sketch books and drawing albums. Lots of my later works came out as a result of saved material. I find it very helpful and inspiring.
For this reason there is a number of sketches, illustrations and monoprints available to view and buy on this gallery online.
Art is something that I am absolutely passionate about. I have been drawing, painting and exhibiting for over 25 years now and my paintings are in number of countries all around the world.
Being creative and expressing my imagination on paper or canvas gives me an enormous satisfaction. I believe you will find something that is of your interest and it will be my pleasure to hear from you!
Ivona Torovin
“Your painting brightens up my kitchen whenever I walk into it! Clare”
“Hello, Ivona,
I’m Portuguese and I have a Poetry Page in Facebook with a friend, Carlos Campos. We use to illustrate the poems with paintings. We’ve found yours in web and they’re wonderful.
If you don’t mind, we should like to use some of them, as we do with other artists, mentioning your name and ©…”

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