England-based painter using oils and soft pastels to create a variety of work, including floral, still life themes on canvas, board and paper.


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom. member for 4 Years

Christine has had a lifelong interest in painting and drawing; joining local classes as a teenager and exploring various media during the following forty years.
Self-taught with no formal training, she enjoys working with oils and soft pastels on a variety of themes, especially floral and still life. Any landscape work often encompasses clouds, water and trees wherever possible.
Christine likes to explore experimental ideas and methods as well. “I realise many artists follow a particular style and subject-matter for years on end, but life’s a bit short for that. I am always interested in new materials and playing around with them, even if the results are not special. At least I get to learn about what doesn’t work for me, rather than always wondering whether it would!”
She belongs to very few art groups, working mainly alone. She supports several local art shows each year in her home area.

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