St Maxime

Karl Robinson-Bray

Early in his 20 year painting career, Karl, who is entirely self taught, hit on a familiar monochromatic style of portraiture, which although characteristic and stylised, became a form of a trademark for him. 

Throughout Karl’s life, his journeys led him to France, where amidst the vineyards, lavender fields and olive groves, his work was to change in it’s very nature, there using full light and colour he was to realise a need to present feelings in an expression of personal reaction to the experience.

Having become attracted to the character of buildings and stonework he made a transition from portraiture in an attempt to capture nature, utilising a subtle treatment of light thus conveying an atmosphere of solitary tranquillity.

In early 2011, Karl relocated to Snowdonia in Wales, aspiring to paint the area having spent several years walking there absorbing the mountains and moreover the remnants of it’s industrial past.

10 works from $145 to $1832

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