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  • June Russel | print maker

    june russel
  • Nuno Santiago | oils

    nuno santiago
  • Richard Whadcock | conteporary landsapges

    nuno santiago

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How To Set Up Your Facebook Gallery

To use Facebook Gallery, you will first need to have your own facebook page.

First Create a Facebook Page (fan page)

1) First go to

facebook create page

...and select the 'Artist, Band or Public Figure' option

facebook choose type

2) Next facebook will prompt you to add basic information to your page, you can do this now, but you can also simply skip through these steps (you can add this info later)

facebook basic details

3) So now you will have create your own facebook page and can install Facebook Gallery App on your page.

Now Install Facebook Gallery App

1) First go here to install the Facebook Gallery App.

install facebook artist profile

2) You should be redirect back to your facebook page - Now click on the "Gallery" tab on the left

click on artist profile tab

3) Next you'll need to grant permissions:

grant facebook permissions

4) Next you need to link your facebook page with your artweb account - enter your login details

Log in

5) Once you've link your account, you'll see this message


6) Click on the continue button, and go back to your artist profile tab and immediately you should see all your artwork from your artweb account

view page

7) At the top, you'll see the "Admin Quick Links" (only visible when you view the page) - click on "settings"

admin links

8) Now you can publish your profile - click on the 'Publish Artist Profile' button, then you're profile will be published as the default tab on your facebook page.

publish profile