This painting has been created using acrylic paint on an unusual shaped canvas. The hexagon shaped canvas measures 10in on each side and 17in across form edge to edge. Venus is vibrant and tranquil at the same time. The colours are bright and beautiful but the way I have painted it wth the colours merging with one another makes it quite a peaceful painting. It can be hung in a variety of different ways,it looks totaly different hanging form each edge! All of the edges have been painted so it does not require framing. It has been coated with 3 coats of artists varnish to protect it.
Im having big problems with my emails not being recieved or getting through to me - if in ANY instance you do not hear back from me please ring me on 01584 872013 or 07800902488 kind regards Diane


  • abstract
  • hexagon
  • canvas
  • venus
  • blue

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acrylic on box canvas
8 Years ago

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