Laut Tandus Kasuma Affandi

By Mohd hata

Laut Tandus Kasuma Affandi

Oil on canvas entitled Laut Tandus . A painting by Kasuma Affandi (1909-1990), and was created in 1980 and signed.. The painting size is 120x120cm . This painting was valued by an international appraiser for auction purpose. It is framed and kept in Kuala Lumpur. Affandi was a famous Indonesian impressionist artist having dedicated his life in helping poor people struggle to come out of the poverty to achieve some dignity in life thru his artworks. His art works have been widely auctioned worldwide and fetched considerably high prices. his paintings are well sought after by art collectors.

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120 x 120 cm
Oil on canvas
3 Months ago

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Mohd hata

I am a collector of Asian Art especially those from Indonesia and Malaysia . Most art pieces are painted by well known artists or those who have participated in art exhibitions in Asia and or internationally. Most of these paintings have also been valued or assessed for auction purposes by leading international valuers.


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