The Dove Tower

By James

The Dove Tower

This was a piece I made of an old Dove Tower, reflected across the pond, the piece was made to be very detailed, taking a good time to complete. It’s captured me as the historic tones of the image reflected in the pond gave a level of depth to the image with the structure lines of the tower.

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30 x 42 cm
1 Month ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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In my artwork, I thrive to create detailed and realistic depictions of a subject through the use of graphite. I've had a background doing fine art through the education system, honing my skills from a young age. I've had a bumpy life and arts always been an escape and love for me. I'm influenced by anything difficult to portray through art, always pushing my capabilities and skills into new areas. I take care of the quality of my work and tend to spend large amounts of time working on the tiniest of details, this is something which excites me when working.


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Godstone United Kingdom
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