Days goes by

Pig & Tail, 12-13 Albion Street, Birmingham, B1 3AH

The Pig & Tail, previously known George & Dragon was delict for some 19 years before taken over by the new owners Mark & Chrissy and becoming beloved independent pub.  The owners have done a marvelous refurbishment bringing it up to date.

This painting was a great new challenge to show the changing times in a day of the Pig & Tail I wanted to show the start of the day when the school children walking pass then onto lunchtime the customers come running towards the pub to escape from the rain.  Then we see Our Lady comes with her sweetheart in the evening, as the sun is setting the day draws to closing time.  We see a group of young ladies gossiping outside saying good night.

This evening out sweethearts are out at their regularly haunt to enjoy a romantic meal together, nothing like a selection of tapas to share between them.

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Acrylic on canvas
11 Months ago

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