Double Curl Bronze Armlet, Arm bracelet, Cuff

By Abby Hook

Double Curl Bronze Armlet, Arm bracelet, Cuff

Armlets have been worn throughout the ages and are perfect for those with a love of more unusual jewellery. Also known as arm cuffs or arm bracelets

Made with very thick 8 gauge wire, I start by hand shaping the piece, which has a double band of wire, finished with open spirals. I then begin the long process of carefully hammering the bronze wire all the way round, so that it is evenly shaped. Then the spirals are hammered, to flatten the wire and shaped, to give them a slight curve, so that they fit the arm comfortably. The hammering not only adds detail, but it also hardens the piece into shape.

Once the shaping of the Armlet is complete, I begin filing and sanding, so that the ends are perfectly smooth and tapered to a curved point, making it comfortable when against the skin. Once it is finished, the cuff is tumbled, to clean and polish it and then hand polished, with an anti tarnish agent, to bring it to a high shine.

This armlet can be worn on the upper arm or forearm.

This armlet has an inside circumference of 10”. It measures 4 1/4” tall from the outer edge of each spiral. This design is adjustable, so it is possible to make it larger or smaller, to exactly fir your arm, but large adjustments will affect the alignment of the spirals.

This item comes gift wrapped.

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