Heart Link Bracelet, Wire Jewelry Tutorial

By Abby Hook

Heart Link Bracelet, Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Level: Easy
Page count: 15
Number of steps: 11

Repetition of a simple shape in a design can create a striking effect, it is also the best way to master a technique and open spirals can be tricky!

This lesson teaches you how to make little heart shaped frames and then how to hammer them.

Being able to make your own components for your jewellery not only makes the item truly handmade, it also means that you use up all those scraps of wire! This is a very robust clasp and yet due to its sleekness is also very stylish!

The finished size of the bracelet is 7 1/2”. It is easy to adjust the size by adding or subtracting links or heart frames.

Techniques covered:
1. Shaping frame wires
2. Hammering
3. Forming Jump rings
4. Binding with thin wire
5. Forming a round loop

This tutorial is packed with tips, trouble shooting tricks and even has notes on a variation at the end. With over 40 close up colour photos, there is no room left for guesswork, as I walk you through the techniques required to make this beautiful piece of jewellery.

As with any written instruction, please read through at least once before starting.

• 3” 12 gauge soft round wire
• 44” 18 gauge soft round wire
• 24” 28 gauge soft round wire
• Round nose pliers
• Chain nose pliers
• Flat nylon jaw pliers
• Flush wire cutters
• Tape measure
• Chasing hammer
• Anvil or bench block
• Flat needle file
• 4mm mandrel (I use a drill bit)
• Sanding pads - 3 grits - 180, 220, 280

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