Brexit etc

I was lucky to catch this young woman in such an interesting expression and a pensive posture. Preoccupied on her mobile phone she is absorbed in the cyber reality of the internet and social media. Surrounded by multi-truths and fake news.
This 2017 work also references the unfolding of ‘Brexit’, world economic down-turn, the American election and the advent of socially divided communities.It represents the post-truth narrative in the digital era. The tapestry of images in the background contrast a very different world.

The use of a rough canvas with its thickly applied ground seemed an appropriate medium for expressing some of the grating issues. The mixed choice of styles in executing the painting was deliberate and seemed right for setting out a patchwork narrative rather than a simple linear one.

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175 x 183 cm
mixed media on canvas
1 Year ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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Farrukh Akbar

London based artist interested in technology and post-humanist influences on current society. Graduated in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art (UAL). Currently undertaking a Masters degree in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art


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