Over the moon

This joyous sterling silver hare is jumping over a carved man-in-the-moon moonstone! Featuring a gold-plated ear with hidden detail on the reverse.

‘With joy in his heart the hare leapt over the man in the moon’

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6 x 2 cm
Sterling Silver with Carved man in the moon, moonstone, gold plated
9 Months ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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About the artist

Brooch: Night Forest Squirrel with keum boo
Vanessa Miller

Vanessa makes unique silver jewellery ranging from small charms, rings and earrings to larger detailed pendants. She is inspired by nature, the world around her and childhood memories. Incorporating gemstones and embellishing with gold, her current collection captures the movement of British wildlife with a hidden detail on the reverse.


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Birmingham United Kingdom
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