A heart played in a stormy Weather

With all of my artwork im playing around with effects, pattern and geometric shapes, shadows


  • white
  • photo
  • print
  • collage
  • digital
  • picture
  • frame
  • photoshop
  • green
  • art
  • tribal
  • gold
  • artwork
  • pink
  • images
  • pattern
  • decorative
  • love
  • x
  • geometric
  • romantic
  • valentines
  • day
  • d
  • heart

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2 Months ago

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Swedish Attitude Design

My name is Carina and im 46. Living in Sweden. i Create Graphic Designs with a little bit extra touch of Love. My my work tool is Photoshop, Picasa, phototastic, and little bit in Fotor. Plz visit my facebook for more info. https://www.facebook.com/SWEDISHATTITUDEART/ Your happiness My Adventure


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Mörarp Sweden
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