Arch Commission

A commission as a memory keepsake.  This piece was created around the idea of bringing together the china of three different generations of a family.  It includes the lamp and parts of a dinner service of the grandmother, a plate and tile used as a palette by the mother, and a few more bits of crockery of importance. 

The client was keen to use the idea of an arch, with some symbolism, however, with that, I was allowed to interpret as I felt.

I do love making pieces like this!  A real patchwork effect.


  • garden
  • mosaic
  • recycled
  • art
  • arch
  • flowers
  • bone
  • china
  • ceramics
  • commission
  • floral
  • tile
  • archway
  • generations
  • crockery
  • tesserae
  • katy
  • symbolism
  • remade
  • three
  • reuse
  • galbraith
  • stonework
  • recyclememosaics
  • inherited

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1 Year ago

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Bathroom Mosaic - detail of the centre section
Katy Galbraith

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