Shieldhill Butterfly Garden ~ Community Garden Patio

By Katy Galbraith

Shieldhill Butterfly Garden ~ Community Garden Patio

Commissioned by the local Girl Guiding group in Shieldhill, by Falkirk, to be the focal point of the patio area in a community garden.

The original design was developed from being one large image of the guiding trefoil, to include individual elements representing the three key areas of guiding (Girl Guides, Brownies and Rainbows), and that it is part of a butterfly conservation garden.

We held a drop-in day which was very successful, allowing the community to get involved.  Then the mosaic was completed at my workshop.  Made as 7 individual paving slabs, it was finally installed into a paved area.

“The mosaic has been well admired and talked about; and it has survived the several days of very hard frost and freezing temperatures.we have had here in Shieldhill.”


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