Rock O Roll

Birmingham Council House is one of many listed buildings in the city
Victoria Square, Birmingham.

Dating back to the late 1800s, the beautiful, renaissance palace and heavy classical portico classically-designed by Yeoville Thomason who incorporated both his designs, this explains why conflicted appearance of the façade.  However, there is no getting away The Council House stands as an impressive landmark in Victoria Square. 

Sir Joseph Chamberlain, who was three times Mayor of Birmingham and father of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, kicked off the construction by laying the first stone in June 1874. it took just over five years to complete.
Just two years later it was extended to incorporate an art gallery with a museum, now known collectively the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Outside the Council House in Victoria Square has my favourite fountain known locally the “floozie in the Jacuzzi” However its official title is “The River” if only it was working!!

Designed by Indian sculptor Dhruva Mistry CBE RA after he won an international competition to design it.  Unfortunately, this is no longer working and water has been replaced by plants.

We see our lads with romance in their hearts sweeping up their lasses forgetting the storms overhead and dance with Elvis in their hearts, just watch they’re rock o roll is taking by storm.


  • acrylic
  • yellow
  • abstract
  • ladies
  • art
  • reflections
  • artwork
  • rain
  • artist
  • square
  • architectural
  • cityscape
  • architecture
  • dancer
  • lady
  • rainy
  • dancers
  • birmingham
  • victoria
  • lads

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Acrylic on canvas
1 Year ago

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