The Village

Acocks Green village

When you look around the village today, you wouldn’t know it back in its day the village was the place to live for the wealthy, just look at the larger houses around the roads off Dudley Park Road and it stands out the architecture is splendid, just look it tells its own story how the middle class moved here to get away from the city center and live in the open country side. However, by 1852 that all changed when the railway came, with more development an increase of population the need for a shopping center. 

Our uncle use tells us about his memories of Acocks Green village when he was a lad growing up in the village, he told us about the stalely home on Fox Hollies Road where the flats are there today with its grand gates and watched horse and carriage coming out from the long drive with its fruit trees growing in the fields along Fox Hollies Road.

How many of these outstanding historic homes will remain standing in a few years’ time only time to tell, as so many are being demolished for small properties.  It’s part of history for Acocks Green village, a lovely friendly place to live.

Here we see our sweethearts heading for a night out, and if she is lucky a meal here before heading back home.


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Acrylic on canvas
1 Year ago

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