Square #2

One of the works that I am really proud of and love the most. Based on the first Square drawing, this one is the continuation in the same sense and pursue to work on the 3rd dimension and depth of the drawing. By far for me this is my favourite. I believe it has a balanced sense of simplicity and complexity, eye appealing and I can get lost in it for an hour.
Design of a geometrical composition that was part of many exercises i do to train and express my sense of relations between lines of forms. In a universe where hierarchy of relations is ruler. Where every element is king in itself governing lower elements, and is part of a bigger kingdom of elements, all working together in harmony.


  • abstract
  • geometry
  • black
  • gold
  • complex
  • linework
  • lines
  • architecture
  • form
  • elements
  • harmony

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1 Week ago

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About the artist


I am an architecture graduate who has found a passion in geometrical abstract drawings. Inspired by 2D plans and building drawings, these have evolved throughout the years into what you can see in my "Geometry Collection". In short, they are exercises for me, methods of contemplation and communication. They are not meant to be understood, nor are they meant to say something specific, but they are meant to tickle the eye, attract it, and make you get lost in what's happening inside, however you may percieve it. is part of a bigger kingdom of elements, all working together in harmony.


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Paris France
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