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“The Prince of Wales, Moseley.

Fears about The Prince Wales risk of a new housing development in 2014, for a block of flats, this historic building is under threat for its long term future.

But the pub’s online petition, launched in 2015, on Facebook amongst other sites, this is where I first heard about the pubs future, as a visitor there in the past.  This venue held fun memories so I felt I had just to sign to protect this poplar venue.  It proved so successful it garnered more than 18,950 signatures opposing the development. 

The risk to holding events at The Prince of Wales following the new development.
The petition says: ““This development will force the award-winning beer garden to stop hosting events, gigs and screening major sporting fixtures. It will change the pub forever.

The land law Mr Marsden said: ““The threat to the beer garden is absolutely real. It is a vital part of the pub and has much more space than the interior.
““We don’t serve food at the Prince and 80 per cent of our trade is done at the weekend such as when we host events or show sport on the big screen in the garden.
““If we get noise complaints and are forced to close the beer garden and stop doing events, it will seriously undermine the future viability of the pub.”“

This inspired me to paint the views of the pub and showing our lady coming here for a nights entertainment. 

Our lady is out with her sweetheart for fun night at the The Prince of Wales”


  • acrylic
  • painting
  • abstract
  • original
  • artwork
  • artist
  • cityscape
  • architecture
  • birmingham
  • moseley

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Acrylic on canvas
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