It's chums night

“The Fighting Cocks, Moseley.

Moseley was listed in the Domesday Book of 1086 as Museleie.

I thing I love about Moseley village and why I came here in my younger days were the pubs and the music venues and today, it’s both the live music including the historic village this must never be taken for granted. The pleasure it brings to Birmingham to have a reputation for music centre for young bands starting out on the road to success here in the city.

Moseley is well known centre of music venues for its festivals though out the year, to its folk, jazz and music in the park. It brings all people across the country to this village and here we have it on our door step.  A town we should feel proud of.

This pub dates back to the 18c and is found in the heart of the village what rises your eye is the wonderful architecture of the building the picturesque fixtures of the design. The building stands out with the towner clock showing your way to the pub.  This is a wonderful looking building the owners have also have made use of the surrounding with bedding plants the sweet perfume as you pass by sweeps over you. On my visit here on a hot sunny day the scent was wonderful It clearly overwhelms the atmosphere.

On my visit to Moseley,  I found the village locals very warm welcoming, perfect for a night out.

Our lady is out meeting her chums for quiz night.”


  • acrylic
  • painting
  • abstract
  • original
  • artwork
  • artist
  • cityscape
  • birmingham
  • blackandwhite
  • moseley

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Acrylic on canvas
1 Year ago

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