Storm Breaking

A contemporary slightly abstract mixed media painting of the sea. Mainly painted from memory of day by the coast in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The weather, as always in Wales was ‘changeable’! I wanted to capture the feeling of that transience in light over the water and in the sky.
I love to experiment with mixed media and this is done with a combination of different paints, texture medium, collage and inks. Then fixed with two coats of Liquitex satin non-yellowing picture varnish for added protection, canvas is painted white around sides, so needs no framing.


  • beach
  • blues
  • storm
  • seascape
  • sea
  • mauve
  • semiabstract
  • pebbles
  • turquiose
  • semiabstractseascape
  • squarecanvas

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Mixed media
6 Months ago

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Michele Wallington

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