Summer at Packwood

Packwood House, Lapworth, Warwickshire.

This view is taken from the famous yew gardens, initial designed in the 17c by John Fetherston, the lawyer. The house & gardens have been in the ownership of the Fertherton family for 300 years. After the last in the line of the Fetherston died in 1876 the house was then purchased in 1904 by Birmingham industrialist Alfred Ash where it remained in the Ash family until 1941, when the younger Ash donated the house & gardens to the National Trust.

He remained living them until 1947 when he moved out.

The clipped yews about 100 trees are representing “The Sermon on the Mount” The 12 “Apostles” and the four bigger specimens in the middle are “The Evangelists”

The smaller yew trees were planted in the 19c called the “Multitude” to replace the orchard. These lead onto “The Mount” the tallest yew tree with a stair case running up in the middle which when climbed, would overlook the followers below.

As a child my sister and me would race to “The Mount”.  Who could beat the other up 1st to reach to the top, despite the number of spider webs as we climbed up.

Unfortunately, something happened to the original spiral yew tree some years ago. Replacement was planted by the National Trust. 

Shame this no longer has the view above the landscape.
The timber house c1556 & gardens has held a soft spot for me, it was always a place we came to visit many times during my childhood years and we would enjoy bringing along my friends for family days out.  We would run and play hide and seek amongst the yew trees.

The view was also captured on the album cover by Ocean Colour Scene, (Solihull band) for their 1999 album “One from the Modern” there 4th album. 

When I revisited here in July 2016, I immediately decided that I wanted to capture the views of the house & garden.

The National Trust has expanding the gardens with a beautiful walled kitchen garden all products are then used in the new café next door.

Worth a visit here only a short drive from Solihull my home town.


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Acrylic on canvas
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