What time 14:03

Knowle Parish Church was 600 years old in 2003.

Construction commenced on a building that is smaller in area and height than today’s church. There was a smaller bell-cote instead of today’s splendid tower, no south aisle and a shorter chancel. Consecration of the church was on the             24.02.1403 by a Scottish bishop. 1403 date for our celebrations.

History of the Bells
The first recorded bell that were hung in Knowle where cast by Mathew Bagley of Evesham in 1687.  They were transported up the River Avon to Stratford or Warwick and then by road to Knowle.  There were three of them, and they cost £30. High price back then, the sounds of them ringing out celebrating a new   marriage, between families and time to rejoice in the happy union.

I had such delight to be part of celebrating my closest friend’s wedding there over 30 years ago. It brings back happy memories watching the two of them announce to the world of their feelings for each other.

Now here we find are our sweet hearts are they meeting each other here             because he lives close by?  Where are they off to at 14:03?

Hope you like my interpretation of my home town.


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acrylic on canvas
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