Alex looks down

Malvern Park Solihull

A statue, the Prancing Horse and Man dominates the ‘Malvern Park Avenue’. This powerful statue was made in 1874 by Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm (1834–90), Viennese-born Sculptor in Ordinary to Scotland, and is thought to represent Alexander the Great and his famous steed Bucephalas, which only he could control. It was purchased at auction by Captain Oliver Bird, of Bird’s Custard, for his garden at Tudor Grange, but he donated it to the Solihull Council in 1945 and it was finally placed in Malvern Park in the Coronation year, 1953.

Out of all the many parklands in my home town this is my favourite park. I have many happy memories growing up there, playing, running around with the dog and discovering new places to hide in the woodlands, picnics by the lake. Coming home muddy after a day’s out in the park oh what fun we had. Now I just enjoy walking around taking in the surrounding grounds.

It’s raining, it’s poring but they’re only have eyes for each other. Romance in the park, our sweethearts kiss while Alex looks down. They think they are sure are alone.


  • acrylic
  • abstract
  • cityscape
  • landscapes

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acrylic on canvas
1 Year ago

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