This was originally a live piece i wanted to create again with more time and detail added. Completed over 3 days following the event. It’s called hope because the bee has travelled to the dark figures barren, litter-strewn, death ridden, toxic wasteland to offer a gift of a rose from his own colourful, lush world and show the figure that his world could be the same and that it doesn’t need to be like it is. It’s a story of hope so ‘Hope’ is what i named it.


  • landscape
  • canvas
  • hope
  • rose
  • peace
  • mask
  • bee
  • skull
  • death
  • stark
  • warning
  • pollution
  • hoodie
  • wasteland
  • message
  • portal
  • litter
  • offering
  • utopia
  • gasmask
  • artforsale
  • darkfigure
  • colourless

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Montana Spray paint and Posca paint pen on Canvas
1 Year ago

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