Brigit was a goddess of pre-Christian Ireland. She appears in Irish mythology as a memberof the Tuatha Dé Danann, the daughter of the Dagda and wife of Bres, with whom she had ason named Ruadán. It has bee suggested that Brigid is a continuation of the Indo-European dawn goddess. She is associated with the spring season, fertility, healing, poetry and smithcraft. Brigid was “the goddess whom poets adored” and that she had two sisters: Brigid the healer and Brigid the smith. Brigid is considered the patroness of poetry, smithing, medicine, arts and crafts, cattle and other livestock, sacred wells, serpents (in Scotland) and the arrival of early spring. In the Christian era, nineteen nuns at Kildare tended a perpetual flame for the Saint, which is widely believed to be a continuation of a pre-Christian practice of women tending a flame in her honour. Her festival day, Imbolc is traditionally a time for weather prognostication.


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