Eros dancing in the rain

By Paula Gabb

Eros dancing in the rain

Piccadilly Circus, Statue of Eros

Sir Alfred Gilbert, R. A. (1854-1934)

Aluminum statue on Bronze Fountain

The archer atop this bronze fountain is an archer symbolizing the virtue charity. Appropriate enough, since it is dedicated to Lord Shaftesbury, for whom affordable housing was a pet cause.

The first casting of Eros was controversial, both because of its subject and its material: it seemed an unsuitable memorial to the great reformer and it was the first time for aluminium to be used in Britain for an important public monument.

The original statue has now been replaced.

In my young childhood my sister and I would have a competition who would spot it 1st in the back of the car.  I always wanted to stop and stare, touch the fountain. It was beauty to my eyes.

Now our lady is in London to see the sites.


  • landscape
  • acrylic
  • abstract
  • london
  • original
  • paintings
  • cityscape
  • outdoors

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12 x 9 cm
Acrylic on canvas
1 Year ago

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