One step away from the gold

By Paula Gabb

One step away from the gold

Birmingham & Town Hall, Museum & Art Gallery.

Birmingham Town Hall is a Grade I listed concert hall and venue for popular assemblies opened in 1834 and situated in Victoria Square, Birmingham, England

The architect Joseph Aloysius Hansom (26 October 1803 – 29 June 1882) was a prolific English architect working principally in the Gothic Revival style.

It was created as a home for the Birmingham Triennial Music Festival established in 1784, the purpose of which was to raise funds for the General Hospital.

Hill of London was hired to build the 6,000 pipe organ for £6,000. Construction began on 27 April 1832 with an expected completion date of 1833. However the original architects went bankrupt, so delay of opening until three guarantors donated funds and it successfully opened for the Music Festival on 07.10.1834. While construction in 1833 two workers were killed they’re are buried in St Phillip’s churchyard with a memorial, consisting of a pillar based made by one of the workmen for the Town Hall.

It may surprise you that Charles Dickens gave public readings here to raise money for the Birmingham and Midland Institute.

Today it is still a poplar place for holding music, such bands have played here, Buddy Holly, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan & The Beatles,

It continues today as a music venue, for bands.
I have seen several bands here over the years including my son playing here with his group.

Birmingham Museum & Art Galley holds the finest collection of the Pre-Raphaelite art in the world, including artist David Cox Birmingham born. Apart from a number of other famous artist of the world, the galley has a fine collection of ceramics, jewellery, ancient Egypt.  The Anglo-Saxon holdings have been transformed by the discovery of the Staffordshire Hoard in 2009. This consists of over 3,500 artefacts and fragments dating from the 7th century, made from gold, silver and copper alloy, decorated with garnet and fine filigree. The majority are fittings from the hilts of swords and daggers, and there are also helmet parts and Christian crosses.

I have visited here on many occasions and spent the days here, but still not seen everything here. Well worth a visit to Birmingham Museum & Art..

Our lady has come to our city to meet up with her mates, to go and hear the sounds coming from The Town Hall, before she meets with them for a night out, she pops into the visit the Birmingham Museum to look upon the Saxon gold.


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