Ornate Horseshoe Necklace - Sterling silver and Amazonite

By Abby Hook

Ornate Horseshoe Necklace - Sterling silver and Amazonite

The Horseshoe symbol is worn for good luck and is an ancient emblem used to ward off the “evil eye”.

I have developed this necklace design from my woven penannular brooch which I was inspired to make by the beautiful Celtic and Viking brooches. Penannular brooches are also known as Fibulas or Celtic brooches. They are an open circle with ornate terminals, which secure the over sized pin that is attached to the body of the brooch and can slide freely.

I have made the pendant with multiple thick sterling silver wires to form the shape, which I have hand forged and then woven with thinner fine silver wire, to create an attractive pattern but also to make the structure very strong. I have attached Amazonite drops at the terminals of the horseshoe, creating an ornately detailed piece

The pendant measures 1 1/3” across and 1 1/2” tall. The pendant hangs on two 16 1/3” lengths of sterling silver flattened oval chain, making the necklace 17 1/2” long.

This item comes in a jewellery box.


  • silver
  • green
  • wire
  • necklace
  • good
  • crescent
  • luck
  • sterling
  • weave
  • amazonite
  • hook
  • abby
  • horseshoe
  • lucksymbol

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Sterling silver and Amazonite
2 Years ago

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