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The Story of “Singing Whales and Other Tales” is an inspirational dream come true with surrealist paintings that jump off of the page.

With 37 hand-painted and/or illustrated pieces of art, this picture book is truly unique!

Within these pages are four short stories:
“The Butterfly Blossom” (9 pages),
“The Octopus Tree” (7 pages),
“Otter Mischief” (13 pages), and “Singing Whales” (8 pages.)

Readers will travel into Nature’s fairytale land of hope, change, harmony, and silliness.  Just as the riddles in “Alice in Wonderland” have evoked the imagination, the stories composing my book reflect the freedom of viewing reality differently. In “Singing Whales and Other Tales” whales fly, trees swim, flowers talk, sea otters like to party, and the impossible is real!

I am currently seeking publication of this book. If one is interested in seeing more or reading the manuscript, please contact me with the drop-down menu on the Home page.

I hope you enjoy this art work and thank you for visiting!

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1 Year ago

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A. Weed

A. Weed is a perpetual student of the Universe, writer, scientist, and artist. Most of her artwork is hand-painted, original, and surreal. She loves the duality and balance of Nature, and pays ode to it in many of her creations.


56 works in paintingmixed media

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