Celtic Brooch - Sterling Silver and Tanzanite

By Abby Hook

Celtic Brooch - Sterling Silver and Tanzanite

I was inspired to make this brooch after seeing the Tara Brooch, which was believed to be discovered in August 1850 on the beach at Bettystown, near Laytown, north of Dublin, Ireland and dates back to 700AD. It is a highly ornate, pseudo-penannular brooch, with a long pin which is connected to the main brooch by a chain.

The main circular part of the brooch is made with sterling silver wire of varying gauges, which I have secured together with contrasting weaves in an asymmetrical design. The decorated terminals are made with rough nuggets of Tanzanite, which is a beautiful violet blue colour. These nuggets have been framed with sterling silver wire and swirls of woven wire.

The pin has a rough nugget of Tanzanite which is framed with woven wire and sterling silver beads. The pin is connected to the brooch with a length of double viking knit chain, made with very thin sterling silver wire. The chain is finished with 2 handmade sterling silver wire caps and sterling silver beads.

The brooch measures 1 3/4” across (from one side to the other) and 2 1/8” tall (from the bottom of the loop to the top of the terminal). The pin is 4 1/2 long in total. The chain is 6 1/2” long (from loop to loop).

I have oxidised this piece to really highlight the detail.

This item comes in a jewellery box.


  • blue
  • brooch
  • silver
  • metal
  • wire
  • violet
  • chain
  • celtic
  • circular
  • sterling
  • knit
  • viking
  • weave
  • hook
  • abby
  • penannular

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Sterling Silver and Tanzanite
11 Months ago

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