peaock bird

I was looking for a piece for a living room space and thought about the colors that would go well together. I decided to work with 3 canvases because that way the image can be big or small depending on the client’s home. The peacock’s colors made it a better choice for the living room in my conception of it.


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wall paint on canvas
1 Year ago

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My name is Lolita Parekh, I am a Fantasy and Fiction Artist. I am also a big Believer of Achievement, and Empowerment. You may notice in several artworks that I paint/draw achievement, belief in Greatness,and Self-Belief . My favorite word when I relate to my work is "Dreams". I love to imagine what people dream about and then work on that. I get inspired by fairy tales and mythology, beliefs and religions. I consistently learn from cultures all around the World. You can buy my artworks that are available here, or alternatively you can order your very own.


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