woman with wolf

By Loli

woman with wolf

I am looking at the old type houses, with a porch, and a woman finding peace by animal company and nature around her. I am sure people can relate to this need to get away from everything sometimes. This is a sketch of what I think solitude would feel like to this woman. She find comfort with her dog/wolf by her side rather than finding Human company. Sometimes we seem to forget what animals bring in our life rather than what we do for them…


  • paper
  • drawing
  • pen
  • pencil
  • dog
  • pet
  • woman
  • cuddle
  • wolf
  • sitting

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pencil and pen on paper
1 Year ago

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I am a figurative artist who work mainly with acrylic paint. I enjoy mixing media once in a while, and I set myself challenges on ideas I have. I love to paint and create, It is a passion that I can not live without.


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Harrow and Wealdstone United Kingdom
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